Most important qualities of a guy from a woman’s perspective

When it comes to looking for the perfect man, every woman has their standards; in this modern day, there’s so much fish in the sea, but not enough time or motivation to sift through the entire catch. And so, most women seek for men who stand out from the crowd, the ones who they can trust to provide them happiness and joy in a potential relationship. So what’s a man gotta do to be the best guy around? Below are a few examples of some important traits that women are looking for in a man.


With how misogynistic and privileged some men can be, finding someone who can respect them as people is a woman’s numero uno when it comes to dating. One of the best things a man could ever give to a girl is being a decent person. For a man who can display the basic manners of politeness, honesty, and kindness towards others, is someone who is amiable and is a delight to have a conversation with; a gentleman through and through. Women desire men who respect their time, and treat them not like Jacksonville escorts hired for mere pleasure, but rather as close friends chatting the night away and building memories that they’ll look back on with fondness and joy.

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Women are also looking for the kind of men who are comfortable in just being themselves. In their eyes, they see someone emotionally stable, and yet can be vulnerable and open to them, someone who they can shoulder the burden of life’s problems with, someone who is there when they really need it. A confident man is willing to share more about who they are – they openly discuss their hobbies, their passions, their dreams, and their life goals. They are the type of man who cares about the connection they form with their dates, and makes sure that they enjoy the company he brings. 


And yet another quality that women look for in a man would be loyalty. We’ve seen it so much in the movies that we might consider it normal, but infidelity is sadly a frequent occurrence that plagues many couples in real life. It stems from a lack of devotion to their partners, either due to a loss of interest, or a lack of trust. Whatever the reason may be, women are more wary these days of men who only see them as trophies to curry physical (or even sexual) favors for, as if they were some sort of throwaway escort. 

Men who are loyal put a woman’s needs first before themselves; they make an effort to lend an ear to these women’s woes, and to reassure them that they are not alone, for they will be her sword and shield. Such a chivalrous man may seem only possible in fairy tales, but reality is closer to fiction than you’d expect, doesn’t it?

In Conclusion

Of course, different women are looking for different things when searching for the perfect man. There’s no single desirable trait that every man should strive for, and there is no single solution to stand out from the crowd. However, these are the most important qualities that men should have according to a majority of women, so put in the effort to change yourself for the better, and become the man that these women desire the most.